why are you so adorable!?! (◕‿◕✿)

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jen being ridiculously cute on live with kelly & michael

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imagine walking into class late one day and your blog is up on the projector 

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my head canon is that when Regina was 17 and in love with Daniel, she thought she would run away with him one day and they’d live in a little cottage in the woods by the river and he would work in people’s stables, and she would be a seamstress, and they would have babies and pick flowers barefoot, and basically it’s my own head canons that make me weep.

They’d keep chickens, and just the one horse they could afford to feed and stall.

(But one was enough, with Daniel sitting sturdy and warm behind her, and they could ride far and free, together under an endless sky.)

And their house would be tiny, but full of laughter and warmth and love, because damn it all if Regina didn’t want a house FILLED with kids who she could cherish and protect the way her parents never did. They’d bring her wild apples, her favorite.

And maybe, far, far away, there was a king named Leopold, and he had nothing to do with Regina, in any way shape or form, ever.

You know she has this written down in her diary.

"…then Daniel and I are going to get married and she’s not invited! We’re going to buy a cute little cottage in the country and raise horses and teach people how to ride. And we’re going to have ten kids, and they can wear what they want and marry who they want and have any kind of work they want and Mother will never get to see them ever! And I’m going to talk to them about their feelings and ask them about their dreams and be the exact opposite of Mother in every way.”

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Met Angie again! She signed my magazine. She’s perfect! :)

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have you ever started crying for one reason then end up crying about every possible thing wrong with your life

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Imagine your icon as a lingerie model


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