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all i want to do is learn stuff and not have compulsory tests on it


i love learning new stuff

and reading new books

but when i stress myself out to the point where i’m crying because of exams

that kinda takes the fun out of it

do you feel me

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With you Regina, I always know.

move along people nothing to see here its just a married couple 

Just an unintentional epic love story, ladies and gents. You may continue scrolling.

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Tatiana Maslany | 2014 San Diego Comiccon

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tfw when you thought you already came out to someone and you mention it offhand and they’re like “what”

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hermione + polyjuice transformations | requested by amortentiaforenemies

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"you’re too young to know what your sexuality is" said the straight person to a queer teenager 

"he’s such a ladies’ man" said the straight person about a 6 month old baby that doesn’t know what a lady is

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